GDI Team Elite

GDI Team Elite

Sanjinka here, founder of GDI Team Elite System.

You know that Global Domains International is one of THE best home-based business companies in the world today.

The low monthly fee of $10 makes GDI the best long-term opportunity to financial freedom!

All we have done is found a way that ANYONE with a little desire and commitment will succeed with Global Domains International


We at GDI Team Elite actually help you by advertising with you until you have your 1st 6 referrals, and then we all do the same for those 6 etc…

All members of the team advertise a minimum of 1500 advertising hits per week.

Our concept is based on two matrix principles.
First, by join date and second by rotating spill-over from your upline.

Our concept works and guarantees



A FULL 6 x 5 matrix pays out $9330. If you’re prepared to take the time and effort required to¬†work with us, we’d really like to hear from you.

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