– Is GDI a scam?
No, GDI is a web hosting company for .ws. Like most companies they have
an affiliate program which allows you to resell web sites and earn a commission.
– What does GDI stand for?
GDI Stands for Global Domains International and is an international
web hosting company and is the only company that sell .ws websites.
– Can I get a .com name from GDI?
Yes, you are not limited to .ws
– What are the advantages of a .ws website?
If you have ever tried to register a .com website you will find that
most of the good names are taken. People have registered .com names
just so they can sell them at a profit. How do I know?
I have done it myself. You can still get the .ws name you want.
– Can I get rick quick with GDI?
No, you are not going to make $10,000 dollars your first month.
But you can build a nice residual income over time because
you earn a monthly commission on the websites you sell.
There are people making $100 to thousands each month.
How much you make is up to you.
– What is GDI Team Elite?
GDI Team Elite is a free collective advertising system that
allows your sponsor to build your down line and you in turn
help your down line to do the same.
We work together to help each other build our down lines.
– Does GDI Team Elite cost money to join?
No, you’re only fee is the monthly GDI web hosting fee.
GDI Team Elite is 100% free to join and our advertising is 100% free.
– Do I need to purchase anything from GDI Team Elite?
No, our advertising system is 100% free. We advise our
members not to buy expensive advertising.
– Can I be part of GDI Team Elite if I am already a GDI member?
You need to be signed up under a GDI Team Elite sponsor
to take advantage of our free collective advertising system.
Just contact your GDI Team Elite sponsor for details.
– Will GDI Team Elite take advantage of me?
Absolutely not! When we help you build your down line
it benefits your team leader also. We want help you succeed.
– How much experience is required?
This is a great opportunity for beginners or advanced users.
We use a simple 5 step process. Your sponsor will teach you.
– How fast can I build my GDI business?
That depends on how much you work.
All the tools and resources are provided for you.
Most people spend at least 2-3 hrs a day which will help
you grow your business at a moderate rate.
No slackers allowed, this is not a free ride.

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