Global Domains International Review

This Post is Global Domains International Review – Click below If You’re looking for: Global Domains International Official Site

Exactly what is GDI – It stands for Global Domains International. This is organization is selling the domain name, “.WS” around the world, and has done so for the past 8 years, as if this writing.

The Company – Alan Ezeir (President) and Michael Reed (CEO) are the founders. This company, Global Domains International Inc., was established in 2000.

Their Product – Are you asking “so what IS “.WS” domain? It is considered to be a top level domain extension, much like “.COM”. Each of the nations received a unique top level domain, examples being “.US” for the United States, “.UK” for the United Kingdom. This domain that’s in question here has now been assigned to Samoa.

Being forward thinkers, Alan and Michael saw an opportunity to begin promoting the “.WS” domain. They quickly realized what a huge seller it would be if they could market it as the short word for “Web Site.”

You always start out domain registrations with the 7 day Free Trial, and at the end of the free trial period you’re billed $10 monthly. That charge covers URL forwarding, a web site builder and web hosting, and 10 email accounts.

Compensation Plan – Because this is a 5 Level Plan, you are able to build as wide as you can imagine. For every domain that becomes registered in your team you receive payment of $1 per month.

So the example we generally use is based on 5 customers being referred by you. Basically that means you make $5 a month when you refer 5, if they do the same thing that’s $25 to you, and if everyone continues this way through 5 levels that gives you $3,125 each month.

Also, if you are able to match a rather strict criteria, and maintain it every month, there’s also an infinity bonus which is paid out on unlimited levels.

Bonuses – There’s also a 7 day contest period offered. If you are able to refer 5 paid affiliates, your bonus would be $100. For example, because this is unlimited – if you were able to refer 25 new paid in affiliates in 7 days, you’d be looking a $500, and so on.

For someone who is really charged up, and refers a total of 1,000 paid affiliates in a consecutive 4 week period, you would received the Heavy Hitter Bonus. That bonus happens to be $5,000.

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